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COOL HEADER April 20, 2009

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 I really worked hard on this header I made it look like a game header tell me what you think I have been working on my header skills



Updates on Planet Cazmo

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Thats all for now my favorite part is the U.F.O I really like to fly around lol. Please keep checking back and party soon I dont no what theme yet post some comments of themes you like. Also Richcooldude is gonna help me with posts on this site.



Mini Clips Games April 17, 2009

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Help Planet Cazmo by getting them all you have to do is email Thanks so much.

Thats all for now


p.s. I am going away for weekend


New Cazmo of the week

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That is it for updates the second Nice Cazmo was Russia for standing for other Cazmos. I am still working on the page. Thanks so much for coming  to my site I am getting more and more hits everyday. Please comment on the post to and give my banner a ratting 1 out of 10 I think its pretty good but I made it lol.



New page “Nice Cazmo” April 15, 2009

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Hey I am making a new page called Nice Cazmo its were I will pick a new Cazmo every 2 days. This is kinda like Cazmo of the week but this is for cazmos being nice to each other. Here are some ideas.

1. Be nice

2. Help new Cazmos

3. Stand up for others


I updated the Nice Cazmo page now there are 2 go and check who the second nice Cazmo is it could be you


NBA April 14, 2009

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That is  it I am really sorry I have missed some updates. I have been so busy with school and stuff but I am gonna try really hard to go on more and make all the updates as soon as I can. Please keep checken back. Also I am having a Basketball party soon.



Happy April Fools Day April 2, 2009

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The Anser to the  question is 22 (Full credit to on April fools question)

Thats all for now and great news planet cazmo is making me an Ambassador it happened last week but I didnt tell